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Originally Posted by webmaster View Post
I've been getting questions about the format of this year's ForumFest so I thought I'd provide some explanation:

This year will be our 9th Annual Forumfest and the 10th if you include the mini-ForumFest (PepperFest) held at Waldo Peppers in 2006. Each year we have been very fortunate to have one or more of our members volunteer to organize the event. It takes lots of time and effort to arrange a location, solicit donations from local business for the raffle and manage all the little details. Since I don't live at the lake and have a very demanding full-time job my involvement in the planning has always had to be minimal.

As the date of the usual ForumFest got closer this year no one was stepping forward to organize it. Some of our past organizers have left the area or are just too busy. Once we were into July it seemed like I had to do something if there was going to be a ForumFest this year.

One of my favorite ForumFests was the mini-FF at Waldo Peppers. No one had to do any work or planning in advance. Everyone just showed up, had lunch together and chatted for a couple of hours. I even got to spend most of my time meeting and chatting with people instead of worrying about the video stream and other things. And we helped out a local business. I always hoped to try that format again some day.

With the clock ticking it seemed like this year was a good one to try that again. I spoke to Rattlesnake Gal and we identified a few locations. The new Lakeside Grill and Deli seemed to have a great spot on the lake and their owners are members of the forum. RG contacted them and they were more than happy to host us. Just to be clear, this was my idea, not theirs.

My hope is that it will be a lot like PepperFest. I'm going to spend my time trying to chat with all of you instead of worrying about video streaming, the raffle, the food, etc.

I hope to see you all there!
Don, That is what we do with the snowmobile club, it works out well for many events. We had 75 people at Canoe for our Christmas Party and it was a pleasure. I like the potlucks and other things as well but that becomes work for a group of someones!
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