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Originally Posted by MotorHead View Post
Every Condo, Town house complex has its own problems.
Make sure to request a copy of the bylaws and financial statements before you buy.
Make sure there are no siding, painting, roof, window or foundation issues.
Go knock on an owners door, asked them how they like it.
Some associations have split level townhouses, so you may have someone above or below you. Try to avoid that if you can.
Some have docks, others docks and mooring. Make sure the wait list is not too long.
Excellent advice !

If one has never been part of an HOA - then yes do read up.
Any HOA potentially can be a nightmare. Other owners can make it their full time hobby to seek out other HOA owners for "violations". Some have a standard monthly HOA fee - while others can throw in a one time special assessment.

One time in Meredith - a condo HOA decided to replace the roof and all of the siding. So all got a large one time fee to cover costs - in addition to the monthly Condo fee. Another time it was a special assessment to pave the parking area.

Then there can be parking issues. Or not enough parking for guests.

As stated above - do your homework.
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