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Originally Posted by SAB1 View Post
Definitely nice ambience and heat from the wood stove for sure. The pellet stove though is much cleaner, less work than wood and can easily burn a couple days un attended with a hopper extension. Cheaper than propane...
I've yet to hear a pellet stove quiet enough to make me want it in my living space. Add the routine maintenance and repairs, and I'd never own one.

My wood stoves will last most of my life with close to zero maintenance. Cleanup is every few weeks for ten minutes, and it's silent, usable in power outages, pretty, and smells nice.

The differences come in work to prepare, and cost of, fuel. The day I have to buy wood consistently (I've had to buy one $50 truckload in the last 15 years) is the day I trade my wood stove in for a gas/propane fireplace.

That being said, in response to the OP, I've heard great things about Harmon, and my brother had great luck with his Quadra-Fire. The latter makes some real nice looking higher-end models, too (as opposed to the black boxes).

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