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I own 2 HarmAn stoves. (Itís spelled peeve)
I have an Invincible RS which is no longer made that I bought in 1996. It was the primary heat source in my home for 13 years I burning 4 tons a year. Absolute workhorse. I replaced it with the P61A in 2010 and it is currently in use today. Harman is the best stove on the market and is truly a ďyou get what you pay forĒ stove. As stated above a couple of the insert models have had their issues. Both of mine are free standing stoves. The Invincible is now in my place up north living out itís days in semi retirement.

Iíve done all of the work on these stoves which isnít much. Iíve replaced one igniter on my P61A. Harmanís are easy to use and easy to clean.

Biggd donít buy too small of a stove. Depending on the space you want to heat a P38 might be too small. Thereís not a real difference between the 38 and 43...only 5 btus. Better to have too much stove than not enough is the advice I would give. Good luck in your search.
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