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Default Bad water

"A nice beach and apparently rock less looking water front
(note this is not a perched beach)
A long dock"
The dock, a temporary seasonal dock, requires little, if any, permit except perhaps "permit by notification". You need a "long dock" when the water depth is insufficient to moor a boat with any significant draft, e.g. a 24' deep vee hull with I/O in the down position, and unable to lower it to leave the dock in years like 2020 and 2016. With a western exposure, the dock is exposed to prevailing NW winds and would be unlikely to hold anything larger than 20-24 feet, if that. A pontoon would perhaps draw less water, but with a lot of canvas would move the dock in any significant wind.
Winnipesaukee waterfront, to me, is for boaters. This is not a boating site. It's an old camp with new addition at exorbitant price.
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