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Lightbulb ...And Same Water Heater...

Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Easy Peasy. For the many of us who have taken this route, we're fine. We relax while the rest of you sweat over prime less pumps. Do a search--there are other threads on this matter.
In Autumn, I fill 6 one-gallon jugs, and leave them at the location of the highest hose bib.

In Spring, I open the cold water handle in the shower—closing all others. Then, put a ₁/₆ HP utility pump into a bucket, and add the water. Then attach the utility pump (using a spare washing machine supply hose) to that highest hose bib, and plug it in. Unplug it when water appears in the shower. Close the cold—open the hot (to vent). Open the supply to the water heater, and everything's primed, the water heater gets filled, and you're done.

This is the same pump we've used since 1992—30 years!
(And the same priming technique).
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