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Originally Posted by Berrycat View Post
Anyone have good (or bad) experience with a lawyer or fiduciary company who does trusts? Or comments on what types of trust work better for a lake house?
I'm no legal expert by any stretch but I think you really want to sit yourself down with a lawyer. A fiduciary is merely an independent entity that acts or manages assets on your behalf. In the case of a trust they often times are a named trustee.

Far as your question of what will work better that will vary based on your wishes. Both a lawyer and accountant\financial advisor (if you have one) should be consulted here since there are implications to the decisions you make. These things should be tailored for your specific situation.

A good lawyer that specializes in ONLY estate planning is what you need. Stay away from the ones that do a laundry list of services from ambulance chasing to divorce to trusts and estate planning. General practitioners are just that know a little bit about a lot but are not experts on anything.

Good Luck.
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