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Betcha this in Ontario, Canada could do a bang-up job making an Old Man of the Mountain, gigundic parade balloon float.

Inflate with helium, float it up the cliff, and secure to its spot ..... as a trial balloon re-creation for the Old Man of the Mountain .... at a relatively low price .... just to see how it goes with the tourist public! .....

What do you think! ... ... I think it would be an instant success winner re-creation because looking at the photographs of the real rock face, Old Man .... a realistic re-creation made by Fabulous Inflatables, Ontario would be very realistic and made to last outdoors in the NH weather.

Take a look at the 70' high 'Santa in the Chimney' or the 60' high 'Kermit the Frog'. Making this Old Man inflatable is similar to making a single piece of a puzzle that fits onto the existing rock cliff, way up there.

What the heck ..... is a trial balloon installation to see how it goes .... at a relatively low price. So ...... why not do it!

To pay for it, New Hampshire could set up an 'Old Man of the Mountain-Go Fund Me' and grow it with small donations from people who want to donate. ...... "If you can think it, we can build it."
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