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Makes me smart to have passed on that 2016 Forester 95k-miles $12,000 from last week and just keep on a-going with my smashed Scion xB 5-speed 219k-miles 4 'riginal ngk spark plugs.

A great big thank-you to the great Toyota workers, somewhere in Japan, who built this ugly, boxy car ........ and here's hop'n I never ever end up ...... under the $130/hr-flat rate GUN, service rate down at the Irwin Zone. This here little Toyota Scion ..... it never wants to go back to that ZONE ...... no-thanks! .....

Like, what the heck is up with all-wheel drive ..... all-wheel drive is just so totally un-needed ....... with a simple front wheel drive and 5-speed manual ..... the cars drives perfectly perfect ...... for 219k-miles and counting, so far ....... and the two rear wheels always follow along, out back there, for the ride. .... you know the speed limit is 70-mph .....

Unless you is a state trooper driving a Dodge Charger with Hakkapelitta snow tires from Finland there is iike no need for all-wheel drive (period!). ... ..... after all, the speed limit is 70-mph.

And another thing, those little triangle vent windows with the click latch ........ bring 'em back ...... and forgetabout that big 'puter screen in the middle of the dashboard! ....... after all, the speed limit is like 70-mph.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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