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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
They are NOT cheap. If you go on Harmon's web site they have the MSRP of their stoves clearly posted. Most places that sell them - the price is the price. For example I was looking at a Absolute 43 cast iron pellet stove with a porcelain enamel finish (that costs extra) out the door the price just over $4800. OUCH! Base stove is about $4200. The P series stoves are cheaper but I like having a cast iron stove and a more traditional look.

Then again when I bought my Harmon wood stove it was pretty expensive too but I do love it. Pellets may be easy but I can't stand listening to a fan running constantly and I'll never get the same kind of heat out of pellets nor the same ambiance as nothing is like a real wood fire. So I don't know - I may not be so quick to stop burning wood.

Definitely nice ambience and heat from the wood stove for sure. The pellet stove though is much cleaner, less work than wood and can easily burn a couple days un attended with a hopper extension. Cheaper than propane...
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