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Originally Posted by TheTimeTraveler View Post
Price wise, how much do some of the Harmon Pellet Stoves run ? Any idea?
They are NOT cheap. If you go on Harmon's web site they have the MSRP of their stoves clearly posted. Most places that sell them - the price is the price. For example I was looking at a Absolute 43 cast iron pellet stove with a porcelain enamel finish (that costs extra) out the door the price just over $4800. OUCH! Base stove is about $4200. The P series stoves are cheaper but I like having a cast iron stove and a more traditional look.

Then again when I bought my Harmon wood stove it was pretty expensive too but I do love it. Pellets may be easy but I can't stand listening to a fan running constantly and I'll never get the same kind of heat out of pellets nor the same ambiance as nothing is like a real wood fire. So I don't know - I may not be so quick to stop burning wood.
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