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Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
Reaching out to the Forum for pellet stove recommendations.
Going to bite the bullet at end of season and purchase a new stove.

Currently, I have a Quadra-Fire Mount Vernon about 12 years old, and its been nothing but trouble. My Mt Vernon is NOT the 'AE" (Anniversary Edition), which had numerous issues, but is the OE version.

Have replaced 2 Mother-Circuit boards, all the Snap discs, the Ignitor. Purchased the stove used 'NEVER AGAIN' !

Looking for a stove with at least a 40lb Hopper capacity, a long warranty,
BTU output of at least 40,000, easy cleaning, but most of all 'dependable' !!!

Most stove manufacturers, only seem to have a one-yer warranty, which leads me to believe that the company does not have much faith in their product.
I've been using a Harman XXV (48k BTU and 65 lb hopper) for 12 years and I bought it used. Its a 2007 model. Haven't had any issues with it and I've burned many different pellets in it. It ate everything I put in. Still has the original ignitor, sensors and controls. Prior to it I had a Harman Accentra (used) for 2 years. No issues with it either. It stayed with the last house when I sold it.
I love my XXV but I'm not sure I would purchase a new one as they now use digital controls vs the potentiometers on mine. That means firmware is involved. They already have updates on their website for download using a USB flash drive.
I'm surprised to hear about your issues with the Quadra-Fire. Always thought they were a reliable stove.
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