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Default Not with a pellet stove but...

Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
Hi SAB1,

Harmon is at top of my list of new stove. I see you own a P38, I will check it out. What dealer did you purchase the stove

I was looking at the P43, a little bigger BTU output, and probably more money, but I think still uses the same technology as the P38.

Any Forum member out there own a Harmon P38 or P43 ?
Would love to hear your feedback/reviews.

Last, looking at 2 stove dealers, Stove Barn in Concord, and Abundant Life in Chichester, anyone have experiences with these folks ?

Thanks !
Not with a pellet stove, but I purchased my Hearthstone wood stove from Abundant Life. Sale was smooth, installation was timely. My chimney was an 8 inch triple wall, which they knew. The stove is a 6 in pipe, and they came with the reducer 8 in to 6 in.

They removed the Fisher Mama Bear cast iron stove and carried it out to the garage for me, as I had a buyer coming in a few days.

Their installation was very professional. They went over the operation of the stove, including how to replace the door gasket when needed.

I recommend them highly. Just an FYI, I believe they are closed on Sundays.

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