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Arrow Rail-Bike Adventures, not suitable for children under age-10, minimum height 48"

Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
Great video. Although I think they are incorrect about the peddle bikes on the winnipesaukee scenic line ..... something new, opening in the spring, 2021.

Down the bottom of the page there's two photos of 'rail bike adventures' which can be either two person or four person pedal railroad carts which have four railroad wheels and seats for either two or four seated riders who pedal it forward sort of like an incumbent bicycle.

A pedal railroad cart website from Essex Connecticut .... ... has more photos and charges $125/ 4-seat and $75/2-seat pedal cart with no discount for single riders, reservations required, and no walk-up customer riders.

With one single Winnipesaukee Scenic railroad line all the rail bike pedaling and diesel railway locomotives will need to be aware of one, another, and be moving in the same direction. ..... chugga-chugga-chugga-choo-choo-choo-pedal-pedal-pedal ....... .. .. .. ...... here comes dat train! ... dar goes dat pedal cart! ....

In Essex Connecticut the minimum age to ride and pedal is ten years and 48" height. On the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad the website says the minimum age is five years with no mention about height. So, probably that will get determined through the first year pedaling this new Winni Scenic Rail Bike Adventures.
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