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Originally Posted by Top-Water View Post
Lake Wentworth

That's Point Breeze before the big fire. The boathouse on Sunset Point was (is) just beyond the property line, and what a challenge to us Point Breeze kids to get over there, and even out to the "summer house" at the end of the point!

My mother was brought to Point Breeze for the first time in 1924 when she was one month old. As you can see from the photo, there were no cabins then, just big rooming houses, and Charles Stevens would not tolerate her crying at night, so my grandpa would walk her on the beach and through the woods to quiet her.

She brought my Dad there in 1947, just before they married, and I came for the first time at the age of 3 months in 1950. My family was there every summer from 1924-1982 which was the last year.

It was remarkable that the same families tended to have the same vacation times, and I could still tell you, for the first three weeks in August, which cabins #1 - #32 "belonged" to which families, because it was (almost) always the same people.

My parents, sisters, and two sets of grandparents had 3, 4, and 5. My cousins were usually "on the other side", where one of the old rooming houses "the Boulders" still survived.

Lots of memories of times gone by. I live about a half mile away, on Lake Wentworth, and I'm raising my kids there.
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