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Originally Posted by map View Post
So we have a GE counter depth fridge/bottom freezer just shy of a year now. Put in by the builder. The ice maker and ice is inside the freezer. Nothing in the door.

The ice dispenser has one of those in the freezer slide bars for on/off. As we do not use much ice we keep it slid over to the off position. The green light is always on. There is no other on/off power switch. (There is also a water dispenser inside the fridge).

We have noticed that sometimes we hear ice drop despite the slide being in the off position. Other times- like this past week after we played around with it- it seems fine and we do not hear any ice going into the tray which we shouldn't.

As this is our first time having an ice dispenser hooked up, we are not sure if this is normal. We tried calling GE and got nowhere. They can send someone out as it is under warranty until the end of the month.

But if this is normal I don't want to sit home all day waiting for a repairman for nothing. Anyone know anything about this?

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.
I'd be flummoxed.

I'd hesitate to have changes made when the unit is doing or not doing what it's supposed to.

No other area initiates expensive service calls than a refrigerator's ice dispenser.
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