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Originally Posted by Newbiesaukee View Post
We have a 15 year old GE refrig with the freezer compartment on top. It does have a switch which works on/off. The receptacle that holds the ice cubes produced by the ice maker is totally removable and sometimes if it is replaced it does not seat properly. What you are describing does not seem normal. It is perhaps possible, but unlikely, that if you removed the ice receptacle mid cycle that a few cubes might drop.

Parenthetically, a few years ago we purchased a GE built in oven. The first time we used the “clean oven” cycle, the heating element exploded, shot molten metal around the oven and scratched the glass. GE replaced the heating element so it worked but would do nothing about the rest of the damage to the interior which they deemed cosmetic. We had supplied them photos documenting the damage.We were not happy GE customers.

Wow! That is really scary! We have had a lot of luck with GE and the old Hot Point appliances all our lives. We also like Bosch and Kenmore.

But in this house we have all GE. It is our first experience with a GE fridge and a counter depth style (which I hate only because it is smaller than I thought inside). Also our first experience having an ice maker and water filter/dispenser.
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