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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
We have a similar set up, bottom freezer, nothing in the door. I'm unaware of any on-off switch except lifting the wire bail that prevents overfilling the ice bucket.
1. Why not just shut off the water supply? There should be a valve where the tube from the refrigerator connects to a water line.
2. Ice makers are often sold as a separate component, so with the water feed disconnected, you may be able to remove it and give yourself more space in the freezer.
3. Did the builder leave you an owners manual?
Yes. Thanks. We have a manual. But we do want the water dispenser and I am thinking we can't disconnect the water and still have the water dispenser work. I could be wrong.

We do not have a wire ball. Ours is like a paddle thing. When you slide the switch to on the paddle juts out over the ice tray to gauge the amount of ice in the tray. When you slide the switch off it retreats back under the ice maker.

I did take the tray out for a while to make more room in the small freezer but every once in a while ice would fall into the freezer so I decided to put the tray back.
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