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Question Stinchfield's Market?

Originally Posted by TheTimeTraveler View Post
Thanks for posting this picture.... It's amazing that this waterfront gas station was turned into such a desirable small public park with beautiful views of the lake. Fred Varney is a familiar name and had his hands on a lot of things......
Fred E. Varney Co. built many "camps" on the lake, with most going-in at Wolfeboro's Springfield Point.

Supervisor Gordon Colby hired me to assist. Many poured concrete foundations and wooden window screens have my handiwork in them.

To replace damaged screening, you can pry out the wooden strips and staple-in new screening. I used copper screening, when the time came for mine. (Our place was built by Fred E. Varney Co., and no rodent has ever got inside--except for a chipmunk who followed me through the door after I refilled the bird feeder).

The Lada, built in the USSR, was a FIAT, built under license. You still see them in modern YouTube dash-cam videos of Russian traffic crashes--which are epic! (Lada was not the worst car to come out of Russia).

I never heard Henry used, it was always Harry Hopewell. 'Quirky guy, who has since passed away. New to me, Hopewell Point Road could have been named after him, but he also had a remarkable brother.

Could that Wolfeboro open-air market have been Stinchfield's Market?
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