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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Many nice pix, and it's hard to dissect them all. My recollection is that, back in the day, gas stations had disticntive architecture. Among other features, Esso had a red lipstick roof feature. I always thought of the Yum Yum shop as being a former Esso/Exxon station. To me Gulf had their orange signs but nothing distinctive about architecture. YumYum = Esso, n'est ce pas?
I remember the Esso station quite well. It was located on the hill across from the A&P (which is now Hunters Supermarket). This was made into a nice little park once the station closed.

This old fashioned Esso gas station was rather unique as it did not have a car lift; rather it had a deep cement trench that the mechanic had to step down into in order to work under the vehicles. It was a very small Gas Station.

McDude is correct in that the Gulf Station was located at the current Yum Yum Shop, but prior to that it was located at the Ford Dealership across the street.

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