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Default Easy there...

Originally Posted by BAK04GT View Post
Sorry...just being a little ass bite...never seen anything like what is going on in this state over the last 10 years...I feel sorry for our kids and grand kids...but hey..they wont know the diffrence...Will be normal for them.....guess thats ok?....One thing that I cant stand is goverment in my back yard...sorry...just pisses me self responsability needed any more..we have baby sitters to over see a freagin camp fire?...****....Do we really have to do things the easy way?...what ever happen to the right way......Stand up for freedom and a way of life in N.H...If your from here...if not...suck it up..After all its just a weekend...shouldnt rub on to you to much...When you get home you can take a shower and scub all that freedom crap off..Your neighbors will never know the difference....
BAK04GT...First of all, welcome to the Forum. Second of all, downshift a couple of gears and put your foot on the brake. A post like that, which is only your 5th post since joining will get you NOWHERE on this Forum. There are a tremendous number of good folks on this site offering a wealth of knowledge, opinions, and info. IMO, you're off to a bad start.

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