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Originally Posted by Winilyme View Post
We visited Irwin Marine (they sell Sea-doo & Yamaha at their Alton location) and HK Powersports in Laconia which also sells both brands.
I have to laugh at seeing this information.

For two summers, '02/'03, I sold Yamaha boats at the soon to be defunct Xtreme Marine in Moultonborough. The company was well run, and sold many, many Yamaha jet boats/skis. What they needed, to keep them alive, was the snowmobile part of the business.

I only worked there, not a principal, but the story I heard was that Yamaha wouldn't give Xtreme the snowmobile franchise because it (Xtreme) was too close to the "territorially protected dealers"

Anyway- I made good money (sold a lot of boats,/skis for a summer job).
I still think (again, laughing at the Irwin/HK info above) that Xtreme got screwed by Yamaha.

By the way, this post is not a slam on Yamaha products- I still think they are one of the best at what they do.
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