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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Hey Winilyme! Welcome to the forum and thanks a bunch for your thoughts--you've summed up a lot of stuff I had rolling in my head.

At this point, I'm waiting for a price for the '14 GTI. It's an SE with the iBr system people talk about, though I don't believe it has speakers. I've read enough to know, though, that that would be a great starting machine. From there, I think use will reveal what's important to us (though I tend to research like crazy, I never really know until I use something).

If the GTI doesn't pan out, I'll be looking at a new GTI, GTX, or Yamaha VX Cruiser.

I would be interested in what people think would be a good deal on the GTI with a galvanized trailer


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There was a dealer advertising brand new GTI 130's this past summer at $8995 just for the ski. I bought a 2013 GTX 260 limited with 29 hours and a trailer for $7250 this past summer.
I'm guessing a 2014 GTI 130SE should be around $5500.
I love the iBr braking system which I don't have on my 09. I don't know if Yamaha has any feature like this.

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