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On the advice of our forum friend "Codeman", (he probably has had more boats and jet skis than all of us put together!) a few years back I purchased a Yamaha FX SHO cruiser which at that time was their flagship model. The thing was ridiculously powerful and fast!! I'm a pretty big guy and it took all I had at times to hang on to the bars if I gunned the throttle!

I believe I kept it for three years trouble free before selling because my back could no longer take the pounding of a jet ski. Also, living on Welch Island all summer, you don't get many days where the lake is calm enough for me to enjoy riding one.

Much like Samiam stated previously, I too noticed that every rental agency in the Caribbean used Yamahas exclusively. There has to be a reason for that...

With the above being said I am also a huge fan of BRP (Bombardier / Seadoo). I feel they are a leader in the industry and their technology far surpasses their competitors and will probably remain that way for years to come. They are a well established progress oriented company with a lot of financial backing.

SO...If you bothered to read all the drivel above, I guess I wouldn't hesitate to buy either a Yamaha or a Seadoo!!...Go for the one that has the options you like and comfort you want and enjoy!! Just don't come to close to me when I am trolling for salmon!!

It's Always Sunny On Welch Island!!
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