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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
Well...............Every member of the Whalley family (that owns HK powersports) have their own jet skiis and snowmobiles. Three work in the Laconia store and two work in the Hooksett store. They also have a camp in northern New Hampshire for snowmobiling so they have extensive experience with them too. One member of the family delivers new machines and picks up and returns numerous jet skiis every year for winter storage or repairs and he has experience riding EVERY machine that they sell. Have a question? Stop in and ask him. They ride what they sell.

Hondas are the greatest? Tell that to all of the people with Honda CRV's with defective engines.

"Now, after owner complaints dating back to early 2017 and after repeated questions from Consumer Reports, Honda said in a statement that it is working on a fix."

“What really frustrates me is they’re still selling that 2017 engine,” Witzig says. “They’re selling them right and left, and they know they’ve got an issue, and that’s wrong.”

"And finally, frustrated by what he saw as Honda’s inability or unwillingness to fix a potentially serious engine problem, Witzig traded in his 5-month-old CR-V for a Toyota RAV4, taking a $7,000 loss in the process."

"Many CR-V owners were also alarmed to learn that Honda recalled 380,000 CR-Vs and Civics"
Of course the Whalley family rides what they sell. They kinda have to, or look like hypocrites. I do believe they are the exception to the rule of knowledge, but do they honestly believe they are selling the best, or do they just tell you they are selling the best because that's what they sell? If they lose one line of product, and replace it with another, is the new brand of product now better than what they used to sell??? I guarantee it will be according to them since they are selling it now. That's just how it goes in retail sales, nothing against the Whalley family, or anyone else in sales. Sales people switch brands all the time, and whatever they happen to be selling at the time is always what's best for the buyer, that's just a fact. EVERY sales person tells you they sell the best, so somebody has to be lying cause "everything" can't be the best...

As far as CR-V's go, nobody's perfect. I agree they shouldn't be selling a problem engine, but as long as they are standing behind them when they come back that's all that matters. If not, I'm sure there will be a class action law suit if the problem is as bad as you say. I have no desire to research it, so I'll take your word for it. ALL manufacturer's have recalls at one time or another. It's how they are handled that matters. Although I think Honda's are the best, if there is one product that Honda makes that I would say is not clearly the best, it is their auto's. I would probably put Toyota #1, and Honda #2 for reliability/dependability. I was pretty much referring to (small engine's), waverunner's, lawnmower's, generators, snowblower's, etc, as the best in their categories.

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