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Talk to the sales people at both Dasilva and HK Powersports. See what they are getting for feedback from customers.

I know HK Powersports usually has a new machine in the water for demo rides and will put whatever you would like in the water for a test ride.

Without naming the brand (and starting a war here) I know of people who have bought one brand, used it a few times, and traded it in on the other brand because they did not feel comfortable on it. The sales people will most likely have the most customer feedback and personal experience you can find.

As has been mentioned, Yamaha has a great reputation for reliability. Most rental companies that I am familiar with, on the lake and in Florida, use Yamaha's for that reason.

The season is too short to deal with repair problems on any boat or personal watercraft. Reliability would be at the top of my list if I were looking for a new one. I have had Sea-Doos but the last four jet skis have been Yamaha's and that is probably the brand I will stay with.
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