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Default New Jet Ski Advice

Given the feedback on my other thread, I've decided if I'm going to buy, I'll buy new and 4-stroke.

So, your thoughts on:

1. Brand. I'm leaning towards Yamaha or Sea-Doo, because that's what DaSilva's sells--just down the street--and I like close service.

2. My use: probably most often I will take it out when it's just me, or me and a kiddo, and don't want to take the boat OR to follow my wife on the boat.

3. Leaning towards a "touring" machine as speed/sports/towing is less important than comfort/storage/anchoring out.

4. I like the Sea-Doo GTX155--nice longer platform on the back, good storage, cool system for accessories--but I can't figure out the Yamaha equivalent.

5. General thoughts on when/where to buy?

Thanks for anything you've got for me!

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