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Default Super Mega Boat Show

Originally Posted by Descant View Post
No boat show in NE in 2021, Annapolis and Miami also cancelled. Newport and Fort Lauderdale are in the fall.
How many of you, last fall, thought you'd go to the boat show to "get a deal" in 2021?
People who have a boat and slip can probably move up a little, newer or longer, but will lack of slips/valet hold back the local boat sales market? I'm a little surprised to see that Brunswick Corp (BC) is trading close to its 52 week highs. Will marinas on other lakes build more valet and the market will expand elsewhere in the Lakes Region?
Just got an email regarding next years 2022 Miami International Boat Show... They will be combining the Miami Yacht and Super Yacht show with the Miami International Boat show to make up one giant event! Should be quite show!

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