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Zachyís...That would have been me. Wish I had sent it back. It was one of the worst I ever had.

I remember the A&P. They used wheeled racks to roll your groceries out of the store. Kind of dumpy but typical of the time (like First National).

My favorites were the candy store (canít remember the name) and the Five and Dime. When youíre a little kid (in the early 60ís) there was nothing better than a new toy for the lake and some penny candy. I may have bumped into my future wife when I was 8 but didnít know it. My family was on Waukewan and hers was on Winni. She talks about her special trips to the candy shop too.

Other memories include the seaplane at the corner where Lagoís is and the lemon meringue pie from the bakery up on Main Street.

All of my memorable places are gone and thanks to Rusty and Alex and others for creating new ones.
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