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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
We've had a set of full tang Henckels in Mass for 20 years or so. They seemed pricey at the time, but they are still like new. We bought our Wustofs for up here from Butternuts a couple of years ago. We like these even more because the blade shape on the chef's knife in particular has a better curve for a rocking cut. Both brands excellent--but make sure to get their full-tang versions, not the low or midpriced.

If you go to Butternuts, the high end full-tang knives are behind the cash register. The value-priced (some misleadingly stamped with a high-end name) are hanging on the main wall.

I also recommend a Chef's Choice electric sharpener. This will maintain an almost professional edge with minimal effort and no skill or patience required. We use ours 2X/year.
I've not looked at pricing—how much are you talking about?

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