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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Named after the central artery, Route 93 tunnel project that goes north-south, under ground, through Boston close to the waterfront is Brigham's "Big Dig" flavored ice cream. In my opinion is a very yucky fuhgetabout it flavor with a catchy name that you will only buy once, and never again ...... yuuchhh!!! It tastes like hundred year old flavorless, tasteless mud with nuts or something ........ is very bland on the taste gauge.

Like ..... what is this stuff ...... the Big Dig? ..... taste like last month's left-over factory clean-up or something? So ..... not every flavor is a winner ..... even with Brigham's Ice Cream!
Apparently, your taste buds are as lame as your humor

Big Dig is terrific for those who like ice cream packed with stuff. If Moose Tracks and Ben & Jerry's candy-packed stuff is your thing--Big Dig is awesome!

I'll also say the Big Dig project itself has gone from something that everybody in Boston hated and railed against forever, to something that has made our traffic much shorter, and our lives probably much longer
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