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Default ..... Winni 45-30 ..... ten years after?

To be accurate with regard to the year when the Winni 45-30 boat speed limits started, it became law soon after July 4, 2008, when Gov John Lynch signed the law, so it's been ten years time.

It was originally a two year law, put into use on a trial basis in July 2008, that was made permanent by the legislature in 2010.

The fatal Diamond Island Sunday morning 2-am, June 15, 2008, boat collision with the rocky island outcropping may have played a part in the governor's decision to sign the bill, about two weeks after this extremely unfortunate and widely publicized incident?

Ten years later, it seems like it turned the tide for Lake Winnipesaukee to lose its appeal as the go-to lake for the thundering, super powered, go-fast, be-loud, need for speed, hyper racers.

The Winni 45-30 speed limits law has a provision for running a race event with racing speeds faster than the 45-mph.

And besides, going 45-mph in a boat is not a slow speed at all, 45 is actually a very high speed for a boat on a lake that gets used like this one.
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