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Default Drop Cam

I know a lot has been written about various webcams throughout this forum.

Just have to throw my two cents in for those who may be timid or FEAR technology.

Drop Cam is SIMPLE to set up - if you can insert a plug your all set -- it takes no more than 5 minutes of computer time -- with easy prompts-- to set your cam's name, your personal login and any special functions you may want i.e. motion sense, email alerts, etc.

We bought ours to monitor (visually) the heat in our new Condo and was totally blown away with the easy set up, cam definition, zoom capability and night vision.

All you need is an active WiFi, and outlet within 10' of the camera (I suppose you could use an extension cord). The cam can be accessed remotely on smart phones/ tablets or PC's.

Note: DropCam is NOT exterior weather rated --- but a well positioned window solves that if desired.

One Cool feature- Two way audio! You not only can see everything but also hear and if desired talk via the cam from remote devices like iPhone -- Scared the HELL out of my wife when I said "Good Morning" to her (from Europe) as she was getting her morning coffee

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