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My webcam reliability solution is to put my dsl router + wireless access point, on a timer which kills the power for 15 minutes every day. I suppose I could power cycle the camera every day too, but they seem to run forever. This will get you through the typical DSL/wifi issues where the "solution" is to power the damn thing off. This also gets you a new IP address everyday, but that's not an issue if you use a DNS service. Last year I made it until March when the power on Barndoor went out for a month.

I use FOSCAM cameras... Pretty inexpensive, but the documentation is clearly in very poor Chinese/English. They do come with a free DNS address which is very easy to setup. The only hard part is punching the right holes in your router to get inbound access to the camera.

This years experiment is enabling the alarm function on a camera looking inside the house. If it senses motion the camera emails me a series of shots. I just need to teach it what I look like so it doesn't send me pictures of myself.
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