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... some more info .... a special exception, development report, September 22, 2017, application with drawings, maps, photos, and details ..... a totally super-duper plan...... JUST APPROVE IT ........ for the 'BIG ISLAND CAMP', or some such summer camp name such as 'CAMP LACONIA' as yet to be determined and named appropriately by the producer/director of this island project!

Apparently, the utility lines and pipes; water, sewer and electricity were installed underground, under the lake, using a drilling process called 'directional boring' ... reference: a NH public utilities commission pdf, Feb 13, 2015, Big Island utilities installation application hooking up with Laconia city water and city sewer and local electric.

With "piping laid under the lake", I don't know, but maybe this makes Big Island the only Winnipesaukee island where flushing the toilet travels the septic waste all the way, off island, to the waste water treatment plant, wherever that is. Sort of gives new meaning to that old camp message carved onto many a camp bathroom wall that goes; "Flush twice, it's a long way to the kitchen." On Big Island, they can honestly say: "Flush twice, it's a long way to the waste water treatment plant."

Have to wonder if Big Island was also hooked up to cable-tv with high speed internet and an olde fashioned telephone land line?

You know what's a lot of fun ....having an olde fashioned, crank-up telephone, internal camp phone system, with old working phones that pre-date the rotary dial telephone, where you get to count the number of crank turns .... could be a very nice touch for an island summer camp, hidden away on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee ...... and could go something like this ....... "four ringie-dingies = waterfront, three ringie-dingies = arts & crafts, two ringie-dingies = dining room/kitchen, and one ringie-dingie = office"...... hellooooooooo!

Do not see a tennis court in the island layout plan ..... but, maybe an outdoor pickle-ball court, which is one third the size of a tennis court ....could be a go? Plus, pickle-ball is much easier to quickly pickle up than tennis for the first time player.

"If this proposal doesn't move forward, as many as seven homes could be on the island under existing zoning." ....and, permanent water, sewer, and electricity seems like a game changer.... will the Laconia Fire Dept want Big Island to have a fire hydrant?
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