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Originally Posted by Denny Crane View Post
Years ago approximately 2113 I was given an ultimatum to have a semblance of a lawn for my son's graduation. Knowing nothing except the typical 4 steps, I came across Lawn Psycho's postings for lawn care and followed them to a tee, and still do. He/She didn't believe in box store products, box store seed, rototilling to start from scratch, aerating, and plugging, among other things. I started with soil samples from the front and backyard which I mailed to UMASS for analysis and began from there. I use only products from SiteOne(formerly Lesco) and even though they only sell 50lb. bags the cost is reasonable and some applications I have to save half the bag for the next year. Lawn Psycho recommended purchasing seed from, not cheap, but high quality seed. Not sure if you can still search for those old threads but very informative.
Home Depot list Lesco in 7lbs packages...
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