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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Hear ye......hear ye......hear ye.......please let it be known that kayakers in the great State of Florida are required to pay something like 15-dollars every year for a new sticker.......otherwide they can get busted for kayaking without a sticker.

As a God fearing, red-blooded Republican, this 15-dollar kayak sticker makes a whole lot of sense because it is simply not a tax, it is a FEE, and as a God fearing, red-blooded Republican, let me make it perfectly clear that while I am against any and all new taxes, there are certain situations where a new FEE is necessary, and the Florida style, New Hampshire kayak, 15-dollar annual sticker is one of these situations..........hear ye......hear this new FEE..........amen!
Could you post a link that states Flordians need to pay $15 for a kayak sticker.
I have kayaked with a friend in Florida many times and don't remember seeing a sticker on his Kayaks...or that he ever complained about having to have one.

You could be right, but I would like to see the Florida law that states that.
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