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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
The Rao Case Study pointed out that smallpox vaccine did not eliminate the offending virus. That breakthroughs existed, and the vaccine effectiveness was only 3-5 years.
We immunized Americans for over 20 years after the last reported case of natural infection... and did so with a live virus vaccine that had 1000/1M vaccinated with side effects serious enough to need medical attention.

Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria... not viral.
But from Wiki... ''Rates of protection against TB infection vary widely and protection lasts up to twenty years.[4] Among children it prevents about 20% from getting infected and among those who do get infected it protects half from developing disease.[9] The vaccine is given by injection into the skin.[4] There is no evidence that additional doses are beneficial[4]."

4. "BCG vaccines: WHO position paper – February 2018". Relevé Épidémiologique Hebdomadaire. 93 (8): 73–96. February 2018. hdl:10665/260307. PMID 29474026. Lay summary (PDF).

It also states that the US has never mass immunization because the US has not had a severe outbreak. The US format is to catch latent TB, and treat with antibiotics.
Please note the immunity for all of the mentioned above is measured in YEARS..... not months!

If you want to split hairs over me calling TB a virus... whatever!

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