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Question Monkchips?

Originally Posted by garysanfran View Post
Choo choo Lee....Seems to be an Asian thing here. Very cool!
Yes. I believe the language is in a special Korean print, suitable for Internet use.

Chipmunks are in the pet trade in Asia, although I think these "films" are videoed in the US. (The Adirondack chairs suggest the US). A black squirrel appeared in one of her videos—which is no help at all—since they are found in Asia and the states/provinces bordering Canada.

This video has the usual attention to "her" chipmunks, but her focus is on one chipmunk's "cry". If you click ahead to 2:19, the action picks up.

Wally's alarm call ("monk") is joined by two (maybe three) other chipmunks, a chickadee, and another, larger bird (maybe a woodpecker or Kingfisher—I'll have to recall my birdcalls this Spring ). Since birdcalls are involved, they're all likely alerting to an aerial predator. (Not for Crows, who join Blue Jays in alerting to aerial predators like hawks, eagles, and falcons).

Chipmunks make a higher-pitched call ("chip") for ground-based predators, and birds don't make any fuss at all.

I'm still trying to make a case for the naming of chipmunks from their calls: "monk" and "chip".

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