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Originally Posted by SailinAway View Post
Researchers agree that the grocery store is one of the highest-risk places for COVID-19, and that the area around the cash register is the riskiest place in the store.

One thing confuses me. In a space measuring about 6' x 6' you have the cashier, the customer, the cashier directly behind the customer, and 1 or 2 baggers. Sometimes there might also be someone training a new employee on the cash register. That's up to 6 people crowded into a tiny space. The space between you and the cashier behind you is literally two feet.

To make things worse, there may be a taped-off area on the floor in front of the cash register that says STAND HERE. No way am I going to stand in that tiny space! I stand 6 feet BACK from the cashier and approach briefly only to pay.

I'm not sure how stores came up with this nonsensical idea of forcing 6 people into a space that's only safe for ONE person.

Also note that research is now showing how little protection the plexiglass shield in front of the cashier offers.
I use Stop & Shop and scan my items as I put them in the cart. One click at the "Scanner checkout" and I'm out of there and I don't have to interact with anyone.

I also rarely ever use cash now and when I have I said keep the change

I also tend to go at hours that nobody else goes.

I use self check out at any other place that offers it, like home depot. This is how I've always shopped, no change.
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