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Default ...... 918 Weirs Blvd-on Paugus Bay

Here's a 4-minute recorded interview with Mayor elect Andrew Hosmer from Nov 6:

Where Laconia really wants to focus is turning that 918 Weirs Blvd parcel of city land, on Paugus Bay, into a hand carry boat launch for kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards.

If you all want Mayor Hosmer to make 918 Weirs Blvd into a kayak launch ….. then raise your paddle up high, and wave it all around ……. so everyone can see it!

Thank-you very much!

...... dang-it, cannot get this 4:26 question and answer, NHPR and Mayor elect Andrew Hosmer link, to work, so's maybe someone with better skills can make it happen ..... a Nov 6, day after the election, interview, with Laconia's newly elected mayor ..... thanks in advance!

.......or, google 'NHPR: Andrew Hosmer' and you will probably have a November 6, 4-minute, 26-second conversation from NHPR-All Things Considered with Mayor elect Andrew Hosmer.
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