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Question MPs are armed this year?

Originally Posted by winnipesaukeenh View Post
"...the ENTIRE agency is armed this year...and I think it's great that they are finally armed..."
This just isn't right.

For half a century, the Winnipesaukee MPs have not been armed.

It's either:

1) justified due to some boating-public demographic we haven't heard about, or

2) it's some kind of embellishment to draw seasonal help—who can then seek LEO employment elsewhere off-season.

(A poor way, IMHO, to spend "OPM"—Other People's Money)

Originally Posted by docs333 View Post
"...Most of these MP guys are just frustrated wannabe cops who never could get hired on a REAL police dept...!!!!"
My several "meetups" with NHMPs have been mostly cordial—and I had one "meetup" with one NHMP officer that lasted 1˝ hours! I was eventually cited, but then "uncited" after mail was exchanged with Director Barrett showing that I was correct.

Originally Posted by winnilover View Post
"...I have had no problems with them during the week..."
Just don't be the only boat in view on the lake!

Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
"...DUI is a huge problem on Lake Winnipesaukee..."
It is? How can a NHMP officer determine that?

Late last season, I watched a 30-foot boat do a half-dozen large "figure-eights" at top speed. Was it BUI or a chance to run out last year's gasoline?

Wouldn't it then make sense to crowd that boat into a 150-foot violation?

Originally Posted by Lakegeezer View Post
"...The MP often shifts direction to force the other to slow down. It is legal harassment, clear and simple. It is just the way some of the MP do their job. I have no idea if they are trained to do this or if it is just their own decision..."
Originally Posted by Silver Duck View Post
I, too, can think of several instances where I was quite certain that an MP vessel had altered course to provoke an interaction in order to see how I'd respond...
Originally Posted by jrc View Post
"...There is no need for dirty tricks. The MP's can write as many 150' violations and BUI as they want every Saturday and Sunday..."
I agree with jrc, but in order to entrap a problem boater—one who could have been "called-in"—that offender may need to be crowded by the MP to allow "a legitimate stop".

BTW 1: Just an MP's presence in a narrow spot will reduce 150-foot violations by those knowledgeable in this lake's rules.

BTW 2: Am I seeing the same handful of boaters doing the complaining?
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