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Simpson Ave has homes on both sides and the closer side is hidden behind the large Pier building and the store fronts along the walking dock, there, so they don't show in the photo. With The Dive positioned where it's at, their long held view is now impinged, cluttered, and boxed off by The Dive barge.

Here's a local land use situation that would be similar to The Dive situation, here, in front of the two Simpson Ave, waterfront homes.

Some person with a food truck business permanently parks their retail food truck on the side of the town road, directly in front of your residence, because it is a good retail food location, and starts doing business selling food, there. How would you like to have a food truck parked permanently in front of your home, out on the public road, in business, selling food?

Isn't this a similar situation, except it is in Lake Winnipesaukee?

Flightcraft and The Dive have expanded their foot print by simply parking The Dive barge directly in front of the two water front homes, down the bottom of Simpson Ave.
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