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Originally Posted by HellRaZoR004 View Post
just read somewhere that MB is holding a 3-day job fair for all positions next week. Just me speculating but it sounds like they are going to fire those boycotting and fill the positions with people who need the job?
It'll be interesting to hear what the grounds for firing are. If you walked off the job, fine. If not...that's where it starts to get sticky. Sounds like at least some workers are picketing on their own time:

Unlike in other job actions, the Market Basket workers aren't striking. Most employees remain on the job and pick up the protest before or after work.!breQ3J

The statement from the board (yesterday?) said they were considering several offers in addition to ATD's, yet blamed things on ATD, so I interpreted that as a "when hell freezes over" volley.

While Mr. Demoulas’ offer provides a path toward solving many of the problems he has helped to create, it is but one alternative among the options the Board is reviewing.
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