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Default Tewksbury for sure

Originally Posted by jetskier View Post
The Market Basket that you are referring to is actually in Tewksbury. Arthur T does live just up the road on Longmeadow Drive. I grew up a couple of blocks from there and went to school with Demoulas. This family feud has been going on for decades and the general sense is that Arthur S wants to pull every penny out of the business while Arthur T built the business and has a sense of ownership. I think that if Arthur S is allowed to prevail, it will be a very different company and neither the customers or the employees will be served. I hope that the board comes to their senses and realizes that the only one in charge here is the customers and the message is loud & clear.

I also grew up not far from there in Lowell and my parents. Still live there. Maybe we even know each other
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