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You are correct about maintaining course and speed, so they are not completely "clean". However, they are well away from a conflict when they start accelerating. My guess is if they have a camera, they are turning it on after they get up to speed.

If they are hanging paper, tey are wrong.If they are educational in their intensions, I think there is more good here than bad.

Brnging your video is a reasonable idea.

Enjoy the good weather when it gets here.

Another thing to keep in mind is that beginning this year a violation of the 150' rule, headway/no wake speed, to name just a couple, anywhere in the state also brings another little gift. If you are cited and convicted it goes on your driving record. A little gift from the new law that must not be mentioned!

XI. Any conviction under this section shall be reported to the commissioner of the department of safety, division of motor vehicles, and shall become a part of the motor vehicle driving record of the person convicted.
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