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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post

As stated above, the Sophie C and the Doris E produce much larger wakes than this boat will. My experience is that their wakes are larger than the Mount Washington.

However, the increasing problem on the lake is the "Wake Setter" boats and other boats designed specifically to make a large wake. This new 56 foot boat may pass by once or twice and leave a wake. The Wake Setter boats may set up for a few hours in front of your house while everyone on the boat takes a turn in the lake. Hours of heavy wakes washing up on your front yard.

This is a real threat, one that is happening now. I saw the first one yesterday, with a surfer in the water, in front of my house. The wake from that boat washed several feet over the sea wall and onto my property. It is only going to get worse.
Good law or bad, the courts have held boat operators responsible for their wake.

Here’s a Boat US article on the subject:

Something for everyone to consider whether we like it or not...

And, The Mount makes almost no wake ever since they upgraded the engines a few years ago.
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