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For all the readers here who have been offended by the ceiling light fixture made from deer antlers ......... did you know that deer antlers are a yearly renewable resource because they grow a-new every year ...... falling off during the rut (whatever that is?) and starting to grow back after the winter, in the spring time ..... getting up to full size in the late fall ....... or something!

And, just look at that very empty expression on the dead bear's face ...... does not look happy, sad, ferocious, curious, hungry, or any type of a bear expression ...... it just looks expressionless ..... like a very, very icy, zombie type of dead ..... just imagine sharing the room with that after paying seven million for the big mansion..... no thanks?


So, why is the Meredith tax rate going up? Is it because your state and local property and income taxes above $10,000/year are no longer deductible from your federal income tax? In a sense the IRS has eliminated the formerly friendly middle man, your very friendly Uncle Sam, you know that very friendly way how the form 1040 treated your residential real estate tax and state income tax going all the way back to 1913!

So, what happened ...... and what, me worry?
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