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Today's November 20, 2018 Union Leader has a follow up article, 'Former race track owner settles property tax with Alton', written by Bea Lewis on Bob Bahre and the Town of Alton and how they have reached a settlement over his property tax bill without it getting litigated in Belknap court.

The property apparently continues to be available for sale if anyone is looking for what used to be home to Camp Alton from 1937-1992, for 55 wonderful years, with about 300 campers and staff making it their happy summer camp home for every summer. Now, it is almost totally vacant except for the guy who shows up to mow the lawn once/week ...... and a very dead black bear .... the only full time resident .... is a black bear rug .... ugh!

Interesting to see a photo of that cabin room with the bear skin rug on the floor. Could well be that bear was a Route 93 road kill bear, struck by a car, and made into a rug for some one to buy for $5000? If you look closely, it sure looks like tire tracks going down the left side of the dead bear, there ...... ouch ....... poor black bear!
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