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Arrow "Instant Fix" Isn't Happening...

Originally Posted by Hillcountry View Post
He’s already done this by re-negotiating the nafta deal..Mexico will pay indirectly for the wall...this is what libs never understood. His game is playing out...just watch.
The payments began "indirectly" two years ago, with US companies negotiating deals to "stay-put" in the USA.

Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
"can't except"..or..can't accept?
IMO "millennials" love this country just as much as other generations have.
As much as "The Greatest Generation"?

A notable percentage of "Millennials" are foreigners.

"Millennial" Seth Rich was born in the US, wore the US flag as clothing, noted a major shift of allegiance within his party—and may have loved this country.

"Millennial" Jackson A. Kosko was arrested in DC yesterday on seven charges including "witness tampering".

(There's a NH connection to Maggie Hassan).
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